The team that makes SJTL possible

Brent Harris (Operations, Board)

Founder and Tool Wizard

Alex Dickens (Marketing, Board)
Chief Amazement Officer

Morris Harris (Board)

Team Lazy-boy (Chair of the board)

Nilton Lam (Architectural Designer, Photographer, Volunteer)
Responsible for our branding &
web content

NF Images


Michael Nicholson (Board)

Board Moneyman (Co-treasurer)

Bryan Wilson (Board)
The guy the Barenaked Ladies sang about…


Patrick Hennessey (Board)

Minuteman (secretary of the board)

Rick Stephen (Board member, Treasurer)
Our real-life iron man

Keane Tobin (Electrical Engineer)
All-start volunteer and fixer of things


Jacob Beveridge 
Tool Lending Specialist (Staff)

Shayne Wyler

SJTL Consultant for Staff and Volunteers

Mike Theriault
SJTL Build Team Carpenter
& Young Mike Holmes wannabe

Andrew Feetham
Tool Lending Specialist & Owner of Jamie (shop dog)


Alex Milberry
woodworker and volunteer

Luke Arsenault 


Rob Giles
Community Champion and demolition man


Cruel Shoes (shoe repair site)

No Pictures for the following:


Anna & Victor Lorber
Jonathan Poirer


We are a growing team with members taking on new projects and initiatives of their own. Get in touch if you want to join forces!