The team that makes SJTL possible

Brent Harris (Executive Director)

Alex Dickens (Board member)
Woodworking teacher
Founder of Wix Woodworx

Jane Murphy McCulloch
Chair of Board
Trail Designer and Active Transportation

Ben Kelly (Board Secretary)
UNBSJ Masters Student

Michael Nicholson (Board, Co-treasurer)

Teacher and community garden

Bryan Wilson (Board Treasurer)
The guy the Barenaked Ladies sang about…

Patrick Hennessey (Board member)

Dungeons and Dragons specialist
and former secretary of the board

Rick Stephen (Volunteer)
A real-life iron man

JF Carpenter (Volunteer)
RN and woodworker

Al Blois (Duke)
Board member and
Shop Keeper

A legit blackbelt and
lathe guy

Peter Milne (Volunteer)

Dust collection specialist
and our “systems” guy

Morris Harris (Volunteer)

Former Chair