The tool revolution has begun

            Welcome to the Saint John Tool Library & DIY Centre. We are a coalition of makers, builders, moms, dads, granddads, grammies, contractors, do-it-yourselfers … you get the picture, there are a lot of us from many walks of life. Why would this smorgasbord of people join forces, you ask? Because there is power in sharing. That’s what we are about. We share our tools, our experience and our advice with each other. We exist to inspire and revitalize Saint John.

            A tool library is exactly what it sounds like: a library of tools. A membership with us earns you access to thousands of dollars worth of tools and a community of people who can help you with all your project needs. Our DIY centre is our fully equipped shop and makerspace for our top-tier members to use for even their more serious projects. It is also our learning lab for our trades education courses and workshops.

          Together we hope to revitalize our community, connect with our neighbours, and rediscover the beauty of our city. There are a hundred reasons why our members have joined, and much more to discover. All we are missing is you!

A quick overview of us and our mission!