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The  Community Build

Community Build Introduction

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This is about changing the face of our neighbourhoods and homes here in Saint John. We know that a run-down home puts a tonne of negativity in a neighbourhood. Theories like the Broken Window Theory have taught us that these negative realities go beyond mere appearances, they bring with them increases in poverty, crime, disconnect, and unemployment. What we are setting out to do with the Community Build is to develop a culture of barn-raising in our city. By making an opportunity for neighbours to develop relationships, co-labour, and make a real impact together we hope to address the growing disconnect that exists in many of our neighbourhoods.  SJTL is committed to tackling one Community Build per year over the next five years. Our hope is that it inspires others to take up the cause and join us for one weekend where we tackle a serious renovation for a homeowner in need.
  • How can I help?

    There are three ways that you can help us!

    1. Donate your time by becoming a volunteer at our next Community Build 
    2. Donate to our Community Build Fund which is used as a general fund to help pay for any outside supports needed. This could include technical skillsets like engineer or architect support. It could also be used to help purchase needed materials on one of our builds. For more information on this please contact us by emailing brent.harris@sjtl.ca
    3. Become a major sponsor or help us connect with a major sponsor! Every job will need materials and we will need to connect with local sponsors who can help us get materials donated or for a reduced cost.
  • Who can qualify?

    Anyone who is a homeowner or a landlord with a compelling story of need and tenant support.

  • How do we decide who is selected?

    Our application process includes an electronic form submission (coming soon), an interview, and then our board deliberates about the stories. Folks from the community who come to us with renovation requirements that improve energy efficiency and/or have existing support from friends/family who will volunteer during the build are given preference.

Our 2019 Build Sponsors

Our storytelling pro

Sean Doucet

Our industry pro’s




Our community champions


Our team

Chair of the Board

Brent Harris
Founder & Director of SJTL


Sue Hemmings
YMCA Newcomer Coordinator


Greg O’Brien
Realtor with Coldwell Bankers

member at large



Graham Savage

Member at large

Karen Riley
Community advocate, media consultant, & volunteer

Member at large

Aren Hemmings
High School Student

Member at large

Kevin Standing
Electronics specialist & Volunteer

Member at large


Sean Simpson
Program Director with ONE Change

Member at large

Mareike Hachemer
Teacher and counsellor

Member at large

Seth Moseley
Red-seal plumber