SJTL Covid-19 updates and FAQ


Due to the recent declaration by the New Brunswick government concerning Covid-19, the Saint John Tool Library has taken protocols to ensure your safety.  To those members who have the privilege of possessing a key, we ask that no more than two members at a time be in the shop space and that you practice sanitation after you use a tool or machine. This includes cleaning any surface you have touched. More FAQ’s below:


Can I still borrow tools? Yes, during our open hours you may borrow tools. We ask that where possible you call ahead to our shop line at 1-506-643-8326 to let our staff know what you need and when you will be in. We will sanitize and prepare the tools for pickup.

Can I return my tools?  Yes, we just ask that you call ahead to let us know when you’re coming by. Simply drop them off inside our door and our staff will sanitize and put them back.

Can I still buy a membership? Yes, our staff are still able to sign up new members.

Do you deliver? No

What happens if I’m unable to return the tools? Call us and we will make arrangements to come to get them if you find yourself in quarantine or isolation.

What about shop members? No more than two members are allowed in the shop at a time. All machinery and tools must be sanitized after use. If someone is working there when you come to use it, simply determine when they will be finished and make arrangements and compromises to share the space.


More Questions? Contact Brent. 1-506-608-6885



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