Furniture & Reno's

SJTL was started by a community of makers and builders. Our original goal was to provide a space for our city that could be used by members to borrow tools, learn essential DIY skills, and build things in a community workshop. Our hope was that everyone could benefit from such a venture and it would lead to a revitalized Saint John. After 6 months in business, we noticed a substantial need for services in the construction and furniture making industry and decided to get busy. Now, with an experienced contractor and furniture maker on staff, we are excited to begin offering these services to our community. For more information, click on the area your interested in below.

Renovation and construction support

Brent Harris is our lead contractor for our renovation team. With over a decade of experience in rough and finished carpentry, and as the original founder of the Tool Library, he brings a unique perspective to each job and strives to provide homeowners with a top-notch experience. To learn about the work our reno team can do, or to connect with Brent to book an estimate, click below.

Furniture and custom pieces

Our DIY Centre is a fully equipped woodworking shop that provides communal space and tools to members for those unique projects. Alex Dickens came on board at SJTL in the beginning stages to help form this piece of the tool library. As a woodworker by hobby at the time, Alex was keen to build a space that others like himself could use for their project needs as well as to organize and curate classes to connect experienced makers and those looking to learn. Since that time Alex has developed a unique eye for design and construction that has put his work in demand. To learn more about connecting with Alex, or to see more of his work, click below.