We sell memberships for our tool library and our workshop. We have four options, the DIY’er and Builder option allows members to borrow tools for 3 or 5 days at a time,  the Weekend Warrior allows our members to borrow tools for the 5 days at a time and use our shop on Thursday nights as well as Saturday and Sunday; and our Pallet King/Queen allows our members to borrow tools for 7 days and use our shop whenever we are open 6 days a week.

We do charge small fees for using items with batteries and other consumables like blades or bits ranging from 25-50 cents per item. This is to ensure you’ve always got working batteries and sharp blades on all the tools you borrow from us. You can always check out our inventory to see a live snapshot of what tools we have in stock as well as what tools are currently being borrowed here

A couple of FAQ’s

What happens if I break a tool? If it is your fault then we ask you pay for the full price of a replacement tool, if the tool was simply old and near the end of its life, no worries.

What happens if I lose a tool? Again, we ask you to pay for the replacement

What happens if I bring my tools back late? We have late fees to keep us all accountable. 1$ per day per hand tool and 2$ per day per power tool.

Can I renew my tools? Yes, call us at the shop phone number and if no one is waiting for them, you can borrow them again

What happens if I hurt myself with a tool? We will ensure you have access to a safety manual either by email or on site. After that its your responsibility to work safely. Accidents can happen but we are not responsible for any injuries you incur onsite or offsite unless the tool is deemed to have been faulty. If the tool is faulty and you are hurt by, we will set up a meeting with the injured party and a member from the SJTL board to discuss fair compensation. We do have liability insurance for such events.