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** Upcoming Modules **

Concrete readiness: TBA
Roofing Readiness: June 21-24
General Construction: June 28-July 2
Drywall/ crack fill: July 5-9

We take the first 8 people per module.

Get the training you need to start your career in the construction industry

Our program is delivered in partnership with the government of New Brunswick to help people in our city who are experiencing barriers to employment. Right now nearly every construction company in our city is looking for labourers who have a simple set of skills and a determined work ethic.  We take students through a 4-6 day training week (830am-12pm) and teach them the basic skills, language, and terminology they need to be valuable to any company or contractor in SJ. Lastly, we test you on some basic skills and if you pass the test we will immediately connect you with one of the many companies in SJ looking for labourers.
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