We’re more than just a pretty hammer



    It’s hard to do a job without the right tool. Our Tool Lending Specialists (TLS) volunteer as much as they can and serve as our frontline team when someone comes in to check out tools. These people know their tools and know how to use them safely and help our members get connected.


    We are always looking for new workshop instructors. These workshops can be centred on anything in the realm of creative hobbies or trades skills development. If you have an idea for a workshop and would like to lead one yourself, let us know!

  • Saw-Horse Program faculty

    The Saw-Horse program is what we offer to those in Saint John looking to gain access to employment in the trades. Our faculty is made up of men and women who have been working in the trades. Together they deliver our module program in a way that meets our students where they are, equips them with essential skills and helps them gain employment with one of our industry partners. These faculties are also our job-site leaders for our community builds.

  • Repair Specialists and Cafe organizers

    Every tool has a maintenance schedule, even if it is just cleaning a dirty wrench. We need a team of tinkerers who want to be part of our maintenance team. This team will also be charged with organizing and attending our repair cafés when we host them. Repair cafés are events, open to the whole city, for residents to bring broken items so we can fix them and keep them out of our landfills!

  • Community Build volunteers

    Every year we accept applications from people in our city who have a home that they are unable to maintain and need help renovating. These applications are reviewed by our board and we decide on a home for our community build team, which comes and assists the homeowner. We are always looking for volunteers to be part of that team. It is sort of like Home Makeover, Saint John style.