About the Tool Library & DIY Centre

What is a tool library & DIY centre?

Tool libraries are an amazing solution to our common struggle to afford everyday items, find space to store them, or gain the skills to use them. Our memberships start as low as $90+HST for the whole year and grant you access to our huge tool selection. You can check your tools out online or when you come in, and use them for your project. Our DIY centre is a fully equipped shop with high-capacity tools at our members’ disposal. It has lots of space to hold your awesome projects, from woodworking to moccasin-making and most thing in between.

Should I join the tool library?

Maybe, maybe not. If you can’t fathom a world in which you don’t own all your own things, a tool library might not be your jam. But, if you are sick of the pressure to buy more, and just want access to tools when you need them, then a tool library could be the perfect solution for you. Tool libraries are also gathering places to learn and hone your skills. Our learning workshops can help you take your craft to the next level, and the DIY centre gives you all the possibilities of a full shop space. Browse our membership options or get in touch to find out more.

Our location

Our Phone Number

1(506) 643-8326

Donate Tools

Most of us have at least a few tools, but some have a full Canadian Tire clogging the garage! If storing all those tools has become more hassle than it’s worth, let us help! We can give your old tools a new lease on life so that both you and other DIYers can use them for projects around the whole neighbourhood.